About Young Friends

The PYM Young Friends program provides a spiritual home for those who are high-school-aged and interested in experiencing Quaker community.

Young Friends gatherings explore spirituality, leadership, fun, and the nature of Quaker community. Gatherings incorporate many opportunities for spiritual growth and contemplation, focusing specifically on grounding in Quaker faith and practice. In this way, the Young Friends program keeps those who have grown up in Quakerism engaged in the Quaker faith, while introducing an enticing form of spirituality to newcomers. Gatherings encourage and support youth leadership with opportunities like: being the voice of the community as the clerk or assistant clerk of Young Friends, thinking well about care for individuals and the whole community as a member of the Nurturing Committee, serving as a committee clerk and convening that body as well as reporting to Business Meeting, and learning to find a voice and speak one’s truth as a young person in a faith community that values its youth. Young Friends is a community of play, connection, growth, laughter, work and love. To learn more about this program and all it offers, you can explore the Leadership and Staff sub-links and other pages on menu to the right, contact the Program Facilitator, the Youth Engagement Coordinator, or ask a Young Friend!