Young Friends Epistle – Camp Onas Gathering 2013

Young Friends

To friends everywhere:

This year’s Camp Onas YF Gathering was a huge success and tons of fun!  We had visits from YF alums and were reunited with friends not seen since our last gathering.  We also met friends new to the Young Friends community.  We enjoyed the experience together.

Throughout the week we actively participated in various workshops, formed new committees to attend to the evolving needs of YF business, and played many games.  These all heightened our sense of a shared bond. Our days began with communal group worship, and concluded with more personal worship sharing, with queries proposed by our fellow Young Friends. We worked together as an intentional community, generating our program, reaching out to those among us that needed a helping hand, comforting those that needed comforting, and creating a space where we can all feel safe and empowered.

This has been an exceptionally memorable gathering.  We wonder what memories we will create at our next gathering, and how wonderful that gathering would be if you would join us and bring your ideas too.

In Friendship,

Young Friends of the PYM YF Program