We have dedicated volunteers on the YAF Pastoral Care & Outreach Group, but we can’t do it alone!

Here are some ways to get involved, and help shape the YAF community!

If you are a young adult:

  1. Come to YAF Retreat or other YAF event!
  2. Tell other young adults Quakers you know about YAF events – it’s great to come with a Friend!
  3. Help out at retreats:  as a cook, worship sharing group facilitator, time-keeper, etc! [descriptions]
  4. Help out before the retreat: as a workshop leader, transportation coordinator, menu planner, shopping helper, etc!
  5. Host a YAF event (potluck, discussion group, visit a meeting – read the how-to)
  6. Apply for the PYM Youth Program Internship (an internship program where you contribute to the spiritual lives of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s youth & receive a scholarship to attend Quaker events.)
  7. Join the YAF Pastoral Care & Outreach group for a meeting (there are always snacks!)

If you’re not a Young Adult:

Let the young adults from your meeting know about Young Adult Friends retreats & programs.

  1. Let us know if your meeting would like to host a YAF retreat!
  2. If you know of a good resource person for our retreat theme or want to volunteer your time & talent, send us an e-mail!
  3. Consider the needs of different generations in your meeting community.

For Friends of all ages:

Other ways to volunteer for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Volunteer Roles at YAF Retreats

Food Coordinator

  • With the YAF Coordinator, identify people to serve as volunteer Head Cooks for each meal.
  • With the Head Cooks, determine what meals will be made, taking into account the registration numbers and dietary needs.  Calculate how much of each ingredient will be needed & compile a shopping list  (Getting ideas from Head Cooks is a good way of motivating people to volunteer to help cook. Many have a favorite meal they like to make. So why not share it with everyone at the retreat?!)
  • Shop for food the Friday morning/afternoon of the retreat (usually with another volunteer or Elizabeth)
  • Check in with the Head Cooks, make sure they have what they need & that only the intended ingredients are used at each meal time.
  • Be in charge of the kitchen in-between meals – making coffee & putting out snacks in the afternoon & evening, make sure food is put away at night.

The Food Coordinator receives a full work grant to attend the retreat, as well as a small stipend.

Head Cook

Let the Food Coordinator & YAF Coordinator know what you want to make and what ingredients you need.  You can ask for ideas!

  • Prep ingredients so that the meal will be served on time.  You can always ask a friend to chop with you while you chat.
  • About 30 minutes before the meal, you’ll have a crew of 3-5 people to help you cook and set up the meal – delegate tasks to them.
  • Leave the kitchen so that it’s easy for the clean-up crew to know what to do

Train Station pickups

When our retreat location isn’t easy walking distance from public transit, we need volunteers to drive to the station to pick up YAFs

Worship Sharing facilitator

  • Facilitate the worship sharing group – leading introductions & reading queries.  (A suggested guide & queries will be provided.)
  • Worship sharing groups are also the groups doing meal prep & cleanup, so be on time to your work crew & make sure members of your group know to be present.

Timekeeper & Wake Up

  • Help remind Friends when program begins, when it’s time to clean up, and generally supporting the group to stay on the schedule.
  • Identify someone to do a wake-up call in the morning (singing is always a lovely way to wake YAFs up!)

Message Fairy

The Message Fairy sets up an area where people can send one another anonymous (or not) notes, appreciations, and affirmations! The Message Fairy reminds folks to send messages, and delivers the messages, bringing joy to all!