Young Adult Friends – Queries and Engagement at Sessions

Annual Sessions

Julia Carrigan, a Young Friend, sits next to Liadh Reilly, a Young Adult Friend, in Meeting for Business at Plenary.

The Young Adult Friends Community (18-35 years old)  was present at Annual Sessions in many ways.

They both lifted up their Epistle from April’s Continuing Sessions as still speaking for them, and rose to give vocal ministry about issues that matter greatly to their community and also matter to PYM.

These questions were centered in how we are working to grow Quakerim and how we are acting to welcome Young Adult Friends on the terms that best relate to their needs as a Quaker community, grounded in faith.

Being present, and listening to others who come to sessions to speak, also includes the discipline of listening to people you may not agree with, but still want to hear from. Questions on Membership criteria at PYM continue to be discussed , and it is hoped that these conversations will lead to new possibilities for community.

Nora and Rachel Griffin-Snipes are greeted by Bill Heinemann

YAF’s made a range of compelling statements about their concerns for the future of the Faith which lead to an afternoon gathering of 50+ Friends for conversation.

Like the YAF community,  many meetings are concerned about Quaker outreach. It does not feel sustainable to have so few young adults in the room.

The full set of YAF queries are below.

The full set of Queries discussed by Young Adult Friends at Annual Sessions





Special session to discuss the future of the Religious Society of Friends