Young Adult Friends leadership transitions

Young Adult Friends

YAF Working Group at PYM Sessions - Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt, Zachary Dutton, Liz Martin, Eric Peterson, Allison Letts, Carl Stanton

YAF Working Group at PYM Sessions – Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt, Zachary Dutton, Liz Martin, Eric Peterson, Allison Letts, Carl Stanton

Following the work at our called meeting to vision the leadership of the Young Adult Friends community, Damian Morden-Snipper was approved as the new co-clerk of the Young Adult Friends Working Group on July 10, 2014!  Allison Letts was approved as incoming recording clerk, and Eric Peterson was approved as a member-at-large of the YAF Working Group.  Liz Martin is continuing as co-clerk and Carl Stanton continues to serve as an at-large member of the YAF Working Group.  James Wilson is clerking the William Penn Lecture committee, under the care of the YAF Working Group.  Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt will continue serving as staff, beginning September 15th in an expanded role  as the 65% time Young Adult Friends Coordinator.

Our meetings are open to any interested young adult Friends!  This fall, the YAF Working Group will continue our work to discern where our energy is and what our priorities are. Email Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt, Young Adult Friends Coordinator, at if you are interested in joining us!

At PYM Annual Sessions, the Young Adult Friends Community approved the following minute for our outgoing co-clerk:

Minute of Appreciation for Zachary Teague Dutton

Zachary Teague Dutton began serving as a co-clerk of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Young Adult Friends Working Group in the autumn of 2012, although he had been bringing his gifts to the YAF community for many years.  He’s been a frequent workshop leader, cook, worship sharing facilitator, carpool organizer, and all around gofer.  He stepped into the clerk role during a time when there was a lull in participation from volunteers, and he has displayed energy and devotion to maintaining and building a program for YAFs. In particular, Zachary successfully led an effort to continue and increase staff support.  Zachary is a skilled facilitator, and has a gift for creating the space to draw out the ideas and opinions and make others feel heard and supported. Zachary is gifted with an understanding of the big picture and assists with many small tasks needed to get the work done. He is a good source of information on Quaker history and process, and brings a willingness to try new ideas and ways of working together. He also brings a great sense of humor to all he does.  We appreciate Zachary’s ability as a clerk, using written and spoken word, deep listening, and being grounded in Spirit to help articulate where we are and how to move forward. We are pleased he will continue to work with us and be available for advice as a member-at-large.

Thank you, Zachary, for your commitment and service to PYM Young Adult Friends!

July 24, 2014

PDF of the minute of appreciation