You can help improve Middle School Friends!

Middle School Friends

Hey everyone!
Do you know how your kid has wanted to attend a Middle School Friends gathering for years, but the gatherings keep conflicting with her soccer schedule? Well, I don’t, and I’d like to know, because the program is stronger when it’s designed to work for everyone, not just the people who are able to show up!

So, I’ve designed a survey, and it will only take 5 minutes to fill out. The survey is for the following groups of people:

Middle schoolers
People who were recently middle schoolers
People who are about to become middle schoolers
Parents/guardians of any of the above groups

If you fall into any of those categories, I’d love your feedback, even if you’ve never participated in a Middle School Friends gathering!

Click here to access the survey, and thank you! Your contribution will make the Middle School Friend’s program better!