World Quaker Day Happenings This Sunday – October 6


World Quaker Day – What’s that?

It’s a project that originated at Friends World Committee for Consultation that celebrates our shared Quaker faith and heritage around the globe! This year has a sustainability theme, and Friends in places like Kenya are sharing their farm and solar projects or ideas about our global future.

Western and Concord Quarters are hosting a fall hayride and pot luck, while WHYY TV is airing Quakers the Quiet Revolutionaries,

Newtown Meeting will send greetings and love to Quakers throughout the world, gathering for worship and assembling afterwards for a group photo under a sign made by the children of the Quaker Meeting. The community plans to watch Quakers The Quiet Revolutionaries that evening from 6-8 p.m. on WHYY TV.

Medford Meeting is screening the film Friendly Persuasion.

For Friends interested in a day trip and some Quaker tourism, Catawissa Meeting (a late 1700’s log cabin meeting in Upper Susquehanna Quarter) will be convening worship on Sunday the 6th from 2-3 PM. Catawissa founder, Moses Roberts survived the battle of Wyoming and dearly loved the region and its people.

Robin Mohr, Executive Secretary for FWCC Section of the Americas says that “The thing I cherish about World Quaker Day is it is a moment to remember, even in our small meetings, that we are part of a world-wide family of Friends.”

She shares this story: “A couple of years ago, at Green Street Meeting, I led the middle school Friends first day school lesson on the first Sunday in October. We watched the FWCC QuakerSpeak video about how many Quakers there are in the world. Then we read the story about the Friends in Ghana who had done a community litter clean up on World Quaker Day the year before, and then we went out and picked up trash around our meetinghouse. It was an opportunity to be of service in our community and to learn from Friends on the other side of the world.”

FWCC matters because it helps meetings to feel connected to Friends everywhere – even across oceans and on distant continents. As Robin says “We’re all Friends.”

In honor of the day, FWCC has a page with links to local and global sustainability projects.