YAF Working Group Priorities for 2014-15!

Young Adult Friends

On Sunday, September 14th, the Young Adult Friends Working Group gathered at Abington Friends Meeting for a visioning retreat.  After worship and lunch with Abington Friends, we reflected on the current priorities of the YAF Working Group, and our mission statement. The priorities were created in the spring of 2012, and given the changes in leadership, interests, and energy in the Young Adult Friends community, it was high time to rediscern the priorities of the working group!

Out of our retreat, we split the priorities into two groups: Ongoing Priorities, and Priorities for 2014-15.  This separation will let the YAF Working Group focus on short term projects & new ideas that move where the excitement is with our members while also supporting our popular bigger events, and have built-in flexibility and space for the re-discernment of priorities in the future!  Supporting the organization of three Young Adult Friends weekend retreats per year and activities for YAFs at PYM Annual Sessions, and hosting the William Penn Lecture remain ongoing priorities for the YAF Working Group.

Our NEW priorities for the 2014-15 program year are:
Increasing opportunities for Spiritual Fellowship within the YAF community
For the past couple years, YAFs have been asking for more opportunities to come together outside of our quarterly retreats.  The YAF Working Group is committing to create at least one get-together between each of our established events (retreats, William Penn Lecture, and Annual Sessions.)  Our goal is to facilitate something more intentional than a game night; to really foster the growth and deepening of our spiritual community, and provide a low-pressure opportunity for newcomers to connect with Young Adult Friends.  Possible events could be a potluck & discussion, a Happy Hour where we ask one another “How is the Spirit stirring within you today?” or “Where is God for you right now?”, a lunchtime meet-up for YAFs in the same field to talk about intersections of work life with spiritual life.

Doing intervisitation with monthly meetings as a YAF community
The YAF Working Group is committing to beginning a practice of visiting monthly meetings as a group about once a month, with an invitation to all interested Friends in the Young Adult Friends community to join us.  Our goal is to build relationships with meetings and people within meetings.  Deepening connections between Friends, learning where gifts & skills & interests are, involves seeing one another face-to-face (and hopefully over a potluck!)

If you want YAFs to visit your meeting, let us know at yafwgclerks@gmail.com and youngadultfriends@pym.org.
If you are also visiting other meetings, let PYM know!


Have questions or want to learn more about the YAF Program and the priorities?  Contact Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt, Young Adult Friends Coordinator at youngadultfriends@pym.org or 215-241-7075

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