Welcoming Tara Rubinstein!

Middle School Friends

Exciting new adventures await the Middle School Friends program! Matt Sanderson is leaving and Tara Rubinstein is stepping in as our new Middle School Friends Coordinator!

For the past seven years, Tara has served The Attic Youth Center as the Program Coordinator. There, she saw to the expansion of programs for the LGBTQ youth population in Philly aimed at building community, reducing isolation, combating homophobia, promoting knowledge and life skills, and developing future leaders. Tara has extensive experience in youth development within diverse contexts, including those wherein spirituality is the focus. She cultivates an active spiritual life of her own, and I am excited to see how she models it with our Middle School Friends, encouraging in them their own spiritual exploration.

Tara’s approach to youth development closely matches that which Matt Sanderson and others been developing over the past few years, wherein our young people are invited to embark on journeys of discovery, uncovering and living into their fullest selves.

While all transitions require getting used to, we’re excited for the many gifts and skills Tara has to offer, and excited about the future of the Middle School Friends program!