Welcoming Eric Berdis as Artist in Residence

Annual Sessions, PYM, Young Adult Friends

Eric Anthony Berdis is a familiar face to annual sessions, and looking forward to bringing his energy, spirit and creativity this year as the artist in residence. Eric is coming from Richmond Virginia, were he is pursing is Masters at Virginia Commonwealth University. He looks forward to connecting threads in his work around quilting, identity and story sharing.
What is an “artist in residence”?
In the past few years we have maintained a practice of inviting an artist to Annual Sessions. This Friend’s purpose is holding space for creativity and connecting our theme with projects throughout the week. You can find them in Brower Student Center at Re-Creation and with Youth Programs!
More on Eric’s work: 
Derived from childhood fantasies Eric Anthony Berdis’ work explores the metamorphosis of a becoming. Set among plush objects and faux-fur sculptures, Berdis transforms into a nonviolent homophobia fighting superhero. Their performance seeks to simulate the jarring experience of being stereotyped while simultaneously examining the ways we navigate towards and create safe spaces. Loud sequined materials are reassembled as uniforms for a dystopic queer world. Each object holds a peculiar function, none of which are to clothe the body or to cover uncomfortable truths. With unrelenting confrontation with the audience they makes the viewer a mirror, and forces one to reckon with their own reactions to what has been crafted as both a worst nightmare and best fantasy.