PYM Youth Program Internship

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The PYM Youth Program Internship, formerly called the Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program (ELSP) offers valuable experience to young adults by involving them in one of the youth programs of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.   As an award for their service, youth program interns receive $500 towards their participation in Quakerly events or learning experiences. In this program, young adult Quakers of the PYM region are placed with the Children’s, Middle School Friends, or Young Friends program as Friendly Adult Presences.  These  interns reflect and report on their experiences and take on a special project of their choice in service to the youth community. See the detailed  job description.

The first step is to apply!  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. PYM selects up to 3 Young Adult Friends for Youth Programs from among the applicants. • These friends volunteer as Friendly Adult Presences (and if they want to have the experience, will have an opportunity to plan and run a gathering). • Each intern receives $500 to be spent on their participation in Quaker events or on experiences that can clearly support the development of gifts that can be used in service to the PYM and Quaker community. The program coordinator for each youth program will approve and distribute the funds, after receiving proposals from each participant explaining how the money is to be spent. • Recipients create short reports (in writing, video, art, poetry, music, etc.) about their experience serving the youth programs, which may be compiled into a report to be shared with the Yearly Meeting community in various ways.

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Interns are provided a scholarship of up to $500 to be used  towards their participation in Quakerly events or learning experiences. Examples include but are not limited to attendance at a Quaker event such as the FGC Gathering or classes at Pendle Hill. The intern’s supervising staff will approve the use of the scholarship funds and facilitate payment. Below are some ideas for how an intern might use the scholarship:

Workshops at Pendle Hill

Friends General Conference Gathering

PYM Annual Sessions

“I hope to bring, without reluctance or shame, all of the pieces of how my desire to be faithful to God moves in my life: through ways of being, and work undertaken, and times of worship. There will be times, I imagine, when I  have particular information to share or support to give. There will be other times when  accompaniment is the only thing required. Not only do I hope and trust that God will help me to offer what is needed–I also understand that part of my work is letting people see me asking God what my work is, listening carefully, and doing my imperfect best.”   Kody Hersh, Intern, 2012