Volunteering strengthens the health and vibrancy of the Yearly Meeting. There are many opportunities matching the passions of those ready to make a difference in our Yearly Meeting community. Together, we’ll find the right place for your passions and gifts!

Joining or Forming a Group

Connect with Work and Witness Contact Groups

Be connected with Collaboratives, Sprints and other groups or connect with burgeoning groups’ contact lists. See all the possibilities and sign up using the Work and Witness Connection Form.

Forming a Group

Friends from two or more meetings who wish to form a group should use the Quaker Life Council (QLC) Application for Work, Witness or Activity within the Yearly Meeting. QLC will review the information and let the contact person know how the work will best fit within the yearly meeting’s structure. (Is the work for a sprint or collaborative? Does it sound like a viable Thread? Is this type of work already being done by another group? Etc.)

Individual Opportunities

Work with Children and Youth

Be a Friendly Adult Presence or Youth Program Intern in PYM Children’s, Middle School, or Young Friends (High School Age) programs.

Office Support, Development, and Grants

Help the yearly meeting function, grow and serve others by helping with general office support, fundraising, communications, and grants management.

Outreach and Education

Provide outreach and educational resources through the Arch Street Meeting House Interpretation Program and the PYM Library.

Nurturing Friends

Support Friends as a Counseling Services Practitioner.