Update: October 17 Administrative Council Meeting

Administrative Council

Looking for the Governance Handbook draft? There was a misplaced link in the recent issue of PYM Today Online, and we apologize for the error.
Follow this link to view the Governance Handbook.

The Administrative Council got down to business in a chilly East Room at the Arch Street Meeting House on October 17.

Led by the Spirit we quickly discovered members with deep skills in finance, law and good governance practices, as well as a depth of experience in service to the Yearly Meeting. We also seem to have a strong overall work ethic and delightful good humor.

It is heartening to know that our work will be leavened by humor and positive energy. After opening worship, we engaged in activities to get to know each other, then shifted to taking turns reading key passages from our charge from PYM which stimulated broad-ranging discussion about our role and authority.

We are humbled by the responsibility that PYM has vested in the Council and are united in our energy to rise to the challenge.

Some of our attention went into the practical matters of getting started, including our meeting schedule (2nd or 3rd Saturday mornings each month) and location (4th and Arch for now).

We closed by starting a list of initial work, and priorities. We already had an Audit Committee in place to receive and review the FY2015 Audit, and appointed a work group to draft an updated job description for the PYM Treasurer.

There is also strong energy to quickly develop a conflict of interest policy for the Council and to spend time at our next meeting considering the subcommittees we need to form and their composition.

The time passed quickly and we look forward to our next meeting on November 21 to dig more deeply into the work before us.

Bruce Haines, Clerk
Administrative Council