Update: October 17 Quaker Life Council Meeting

Quaker Life Council

At our first Meeting on October 17, 2015, we grounded ourselves in deep Worship, preparing ourselves for the loving discernment needed for this work.

After Worship, we introduced ourselves, and we talked about our expectations regarding how we will approach this work and hold ourselves in loving accountability for this work.

As Clerk, I was humbled by the enthusiasm and the depth of thoughtfulness displayed by the other Council members, as we began our work.

Immediately, we understood the urgency of encouraging and nurturing Friends who hold passionate leadings, so we began our work on an application for Friends who would like to form Collaboratives and Sprints.

We also discussed the fact that our funding to support these Groups and other initiatives is limited, and we understood the need to create a rubric by which we could approach each requesting for funding with equal weight and care.

We also discussed PYM’s co-sponsorship of the 2016 White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia (a decision made in our previous structure), and we decided to make funds available for PYM Friends who would like to participate in the White Privilege Conference and who need financial assistance.

There is much energy on the Council for this work, and I am grateful to be part of it.

Lane Taylor, Clerk
Quaker Life Council