One Quilt One Yearly Meeting


Things are getting quilty…

One Quilt, One Yearly Meeting brings us together across local meetings, collaboratives, youth programs, Young Adult Friends, councils, Friends schools, and other groups in PYM. Each entity will design and contribute a ten-inch quilt square, which will be gathered into a “quilt skirt” to wrap around the clerk’s table when we gather, holding them in the care of the body and witnessing to our gathered community.

One Quilt, One Yearly Meeting is an opportunity to gather with your local community — your local meeting and other groups in PYM — to create a representation that will become part of the larger whole. Out of many, one.

What you need

  • 10” cotton square (provided by PYM)
  • Conversation and discernment! How can this be an opportunity to explore the queries: What connects us? What differences enrich us? What images or words illustrate who we are collectively?
  • Materials used to create an image on your square

Your Square

Where to start? Begin with creating a space to explore the queries and thresh ideas for your design. What are your stories, and where do they intersect? The design may be of your meetinghouse, a Friend out of history, an image related to witness and work today, a poem or quotation, or an abstract design. Since the quilt itself is a symbol of our commonality, the design of your square does not need to be specific to a theme or idea.


Please be intentional about including all voices! Where appropriate, consider how to make this a multigenerational project, but not one that’s handed over to the Children’s religious education committee. While one quilt square is the product, how can your process be one that is inclusive and brings together Friends in unity?


  • One Quilt, One Yearly Meeting launches at Fall Continuing Sessions, November 3
  • Bring the finished square to Spring Continuing Sessions on March 23, 2019, or, deliver/mail to the PYM office: 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102 before March 23.
  • Squares will be assembled by quilters in the community, and our PYM Quilt will be revealed at Annual Sessions, July 24-28, 2019!

Questions? Contact a member of the Community Engagement Team, including Olivia Brangan, Community Engagement Coordinator, Melinda Wenner Bradley, Youth Engagement Coordinator, and Meg Rose, Sessions Coordinator.