Theme Announced for Annual Sessions 2015

Annual Sessions

PYM Annual Sessions 2015, will be held at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, July 29-August 2, 2015.

The theme is Open Our Eyes That We May See.

After preparing to discuss possible themes during the months following Annual Sessions 2014, and following a period of worship, members of Sessions Planning Group lifted up many works they felt would be moving forward during PYM Annual Sessions in 2015. Carla White of Sessions Planning Group describes the decision as follows:

 “A theme should encompass and support all the work that will be done. White privilege, racial justice, trust, Quaker decision making, inclusion, welcoming all, and trauma were all mentioned as topics that will require our work together during Annual Sessions. Many thoughts and quotations from various sources including the  the Bible, Faith and Practice, and our own Minutes and Epistles from Annual Sessions 2014 were considered, but it was a hymn written by Clara H. Scott in 1895, “Open My Eyes That I May See”*, that finally provided the words that we found most inspirational. This phrase, “Open my eyes that I may see”, resonated within us as a statement of humble desire for divine assistance in seeing truly what we need to see and do.”

The group decided to change the “I” to “We” as we will be seeking this divine assistance as a body during Annual Sessions and in our work leading up to it, hence the theme became Open Our Eyes That We May See. *This hymn may be found in Worship in Song, A Friends Hymnal (FGC 1996).