The PYM Clerk’s Quilt is Revealed

Annual Sessions

It was a joyful moment when the Community Engagement team revealed Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s quilt made of  squares created by monthly meetings, Quaker groups, and community members.

33 have been submitted so far, and we know that there are many quilters out there who continue to ready their community’s square. As more are turned in, we will be assembling them together in sections that can be added to the quilt in the future!

The squares are so thoughtfully and beautifully designed by Friends in our community. They are painted, stitched, printed and appliqued. They are colorful, or subtle, pictorial and abstract. It was exciting to see the creativity and joy our quilt holds, and we clipped it onto our clerks table for the first time yesterday.

This quilt represents all of us, and we thank our quilters for creating such a wonderful representation of our Faith community. It was a pleasure to see the quilt on stage as our Treasurer reported on PYM’s finances, and meetings thereafter.

We can’t wait to see the new squares that Friends are currently creating. Go Quilters!

Photo courtesy of Richard Morse