The Children’s Continuing Revelation Minute


Each year at Annual Sessions, the K-5th grade program holds the Children’ Summit.  In odd years, the Summit is an opportunity to discern a new Children’ Priority, each of which lasts 2 years.  In the even years, in the middle of the Priority, we have a chance for Continuing Revelation.  What more can we learn from listening to God and the light that moves through each of us?

We learned first about Quaker’s belief in Continuing Revelation- the idea that more Truth can be revealed to us.  We returned to the Children’s Priority and asked:

What could be removed from the Priority, and still have the core be present?
What parts feel more important?
What parts feel less important?

Here is the original priority:

“The Children of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting are called to make the world a better place by finding fun ways to care for specific environments so that creatures living there can be healthy.”
Children’s Priority, 2013-2015

And here is the minute, written from the messages shared in worship during the Children’s Summit 2014:

“From our deep places we heard that care for the environment needs to be a continuing effort beyond the time line of the children’s priority. We encourage Friends everywhere to join us in caring for not only our specific environments, but for all. Reducing the waste we create and putting the waste we do create to good use are important not only to us, but to the health of our planet and all creatures who live here.”
Children’s Summit, 2014

As always, participating in the Summit was a moving and impressive experience.  I eagerly anticipate our 2 Junior Interim Meetings this year (October 11th, 2014 and April 11th, 2015) as fantastic days where we can follow through on the children’s calling.  Hope to see you there!

-Benjamin Camp
Children’s Religious Life Program Coordinator