Gifts of Time

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“We recognize a variety of ministries. In our worship these include those who speak under the guidance of the Spirit and those who receive and uphold the work of the Spirit in silence and prayer. We also recognize as ministry service on our many committees, hospitality and childcare, the care of finance and premises, and many other tasks. We value those whose ministry is not in an appointed task but is in teaching, counseling, listening, prayer, enabling the service of others, or other service in the meeting or the world. The purpose of all our ministry is to lead us and other people into closer communion with God and to enable us to carry out those tasks which the Spirit lays upon us.”

(London Yearly Meeting, 1986, Quoted in Faith and Practice, PYM, 2002, p.123). Read more from Faith and Practice’s Section on Worship.

PYM functions because of the efforts of many Friends who offer gifts of their time. Some guide and support the structure of the Yearly Meeting through committee service, others may support programs, care for children and youth, provide outreach and information, nurture spiritual growth, assist with development, help with day-to-day work in the office, and more. To learn more about giving your time to the Yearly Meeting, please visit these links:


Visit the volunteer pages to learn how you may give a gift of time to PYM.

Volunteer Stories

Read Friends’ stories about committee service and volunteering.

“Volunteers, as they work together for the Meeting, often find their religious lives mutually strengthened, their sense of community deepened, and their commitment as members affirmed.”

(Faith and Practice, PYM, 2002, p.188) Read more from Faith and Practice’s section on Structures in Our Yearly Meeting