Spring YAF Retreat – Exploring Eco-Justice & Stewardship

Young Adult Friends

Young Adult Friends are having our Spring Retreat May 24-26, on the theme “Of Earth, of Spirit: Quaker Stewardship & Eco-Justice”.  Young adults from age 18-35-ish from all across the PYM area will be gathering for a weekend of workshops, worship sharing, games, and fellowship to deepen our connection to one another & the Spirit.

Holding a retreat in the area of peace, social justice, and action has been a recurring request from YAFs, and the timing was right for the YAF Program Planning group to winnow it down to a focus on environmental justice, sustainability, and faith.  Connecting to the questions raised at Michael Gagné’s William Penn Lecture this March, such as “How can we be good ancestors?”, YAFs will explore with one another how environmental justice, stewardship, and our Quaker faith intersect.  How do we as Young Adult Friends make sense of and care for an earth undergoing ecological crisis?

Morning workshops include topics such as overcoming interlocked oppressions of race, class, & environment and sustainable technology.  In the evening, we are planning a panel of f/Friends to speak about their personal witness, action, and spiritual grounding.  More details about the schedule & program can be found on the Spring Retreat webpage.

So join together with new & old Friends on the weekend of May 24-26 at Haddonfield Friends Meeting in Haddonfield, NJ.  Haddonfield is close to public transit, and the YAF Working group is organizing carpools.  The cost of the retreat is $35 – financial aid and workgrants are available (we’re looking for cooks & a food coordinator!)  Register online by May 20!