Seeking Faithfulness 2017: City Love

Lectures, Seeking Faithfulness

2017 Seeking Faithfulness Series was given by City Love, Sterling Duns and Caselli Jordan – Listening for Spirit: Answers Waiting for Action. City Love is a West Philly conscious acoustic duo with harmonies, hip-hop, Cajon, guitar, and mandolin. We are educators and musicians who write songs to spread the love, make people move, make people laugh, and foster dialogue about the issues of our times. Our music is a meeting point between the city and the suburbs; between black and white; heavy and light. We want to bring people together and work to help heal the racial divide in our country. We synthesize the power of music and deep conversation to reach audiences in ways that dialogue alone often cannot.

Listening for Spirit: Answers Waiting for Action

City Love is creating a night of music, dialogue, and creativity.  City Love will share some songs to help us put our heads and hearts together and make sense of how we got here.  When the youth, the elders, and everyone in between listen for the spirit and share what they’ve heard, we will be clear on where we’ve been and what action we need to take to get where we’re trying to go.  Come listen.  Come share. Come to nourish your hope and gain clarity on how you will take action and make a change in these times.

Sterling Duns

Sterling Duns is a West Philly based hip-hop artist, musician, educator, organizer, and Quaker (watch his QuakerSpeak!) He holds a BA in English from Dickinson College and an MA in Poetry from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. Sterling is currently Assistant Director of Admissions and clerk of the Diversity Board at Friends Central School as well as serving on numerous boards throughout Philadelphia, in addition to speaking at colleges and conferences throughout the country.

Sterling has performed throughout the world with numerous groups, such as Hard work Movement, and his passion for music stems from his desire to make sense of the events that make our lives unique and intertwined, all at once. Sterling has worked with youth from all different backgrounds, at summer camps, and in classrooms, for the last 10+ years and truly believes that if we empower and inspire the youth of today, our future will be in great hands.

Caselli Jordan

Caselli (Brian) Jordan is an artist and educator who uses music to internalize and distill his studies and experiences into songs that can help foster a broader awareness of social justice issues.  He holds a B.S. in Italian and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Holistic Nutrition Educator certificate from Bauman College.  Caselli has performed around the world and recently won the PHL Live competition for the Jazz music category.

Caselli has worked as an educator in a wide variety of settings and capacities for 9 years, from Faculty Assistant teaching Italian at the University of Wisconsin Madison to Kindergarten teacher and garden educator at The Philadelphia School, and everywhere in between.  Caselli is very excited to use music to cultivate dialogue, community, and resolution around some of the urgent social challenges we face in our times.