Salaries: Staff Changes Follow Up Information

General Secretary

The following updates have been published to share further information about staffing changes:

Following on the recent announcement about upcoming changes to our staffing structure, this post provides further information and clarity with respect to changes in staff salaries.

Review of staffing salaries

I recently revised the staffing organization of PYM to better meet the needs of addressing our strategic directions.  At the same time I reviewed the salaries and hourly wages of all of our staff, prompted by a staff person who had a concern that we might be out of sync with our own internal standards or external trends. I worked with senior members of staff to review the rate of pay for each staff person in two primary ways. The first was an internal comparison based on the PYM range of pay and the somewhat outdated band system PYM has used.  The second was external: looking at the rate of pay for each staff in comparison to current pay for similar positions at nonprofits of similar size in Philadelphia.  Based on these calculations, I changed pay rates with increases going into effect immediately and decreases scheduled to go into effect with the beginning of the third quarter.  The staffing change will have a financial impact on our yearly meeting, and I wanted to address the important priority of staff pay equity to be sure that all staffing costs were addressed at the same time as the staffing structure was reviewed.

Descriptions of the changes and their impact on the budget

As a result of the review, I increased the pay for nine staff members and decreased the pay for two.  

Of the nine positions for which the rate of pay was increased, two positions also were expanded to some degree, which required a greater increase than their old jobs otherwise would have received.

The rate of pay was decreased for two positions because they were being paid at a rate higher than the comparison rates for the scope of work now in the job description. One of the positions is currently vacant.

The net of these salary changes will cost about $14,000 in this fiscal year and in the neighborhood of $30,000 next year.  This net increase in staff compensation is the right thing to do both for our employees and for our ability to continue to attract and hire quality staff.  In terms of the number of staff positions, full-time equivalent (FTE) positions should increase by only 0.15 FTE when the 2018 fiscal year begins on October 1.

Patterns of the changes

We also reviewed the data to determine if there were patterns related to race or gender in the previous pay scale or in the new changes.  Our staff of 24 (with one vacancy) includes six people of color and 18 white people, fifteen women and nine men.  

All of the pay rates of the people of color were affected with 83% of them increasing.  Four white staff members’ pay was affected with one decreasing. The average compensation for staff of color changed in the same direction as the average compensation for white staff, that is, the average change was an increase for both groups of staff.  The average increase for staff of color was higher than the average increase for white staff.  

Five men and five women were affected by the changes.  The average change was an increase, and was nearly identical for men and women.

Christie Duncan-Tessmer
PYM General Secretary