Revised Version of Faith and Practice Ready for Review


Download the revised final proposed draft of Faith and Practice dated April 30, 2016:
Final Draft of PYM Faith and Practice (PDF)

Dear Friends,

The newly revised version of Faith and Practice is ready for your review!  It can be found here.  The revision group will present this as a “second reading” to Friends at annual sessions in July for consideration and acceptance.  Please read the new version and share your thoughts.  There are several opportunities ahead:

  1. Email suggestions, concerns and questions to Martha Bryans at The revision group will consider all suggestions received before June 15 and will determine any changes or additions to the text.  Any such additions will be communicated to Friends by July 15.
  2. Attend our “work and witness” gatherings at annual sessions on Thursday, July 28 and/or Friday, July 29 from 2:30-4:30.

The revision group is deeply grateful for the hundreds of suggestions that Friends have offered during the revision process.  Many individuals and meetings have devoted substantial thought and time to this work, and the draft is greatly improved by this attention.  Our report to the yearly meeting will enumerate this involvement and our gratitude.

Friends, we are pleased to share this work with you.

Annette Benert (Lehigh Valley Monthly Meeting, Bucks Quarter)
Joan Broadfield (Chester Monthly Meeting, Chester Quarter)
Martha Bryans (Downingtown Friends Meeting, Caln Quarter), Clerk
Howard Cell (Germantown Monthly Meeting, Philadelphia Quarter)
Sallie Jones (Birmingham Monthly Meeting, Concord Quarter)
Bill Smith (Moorestown Monthly Meeting, Haddonfield Quarter)