Annual Sessions Report from Quarter Clerks & Coordinators

Annual Sessions

Lynne Piersol  began the report by inviting  those who met with her on July 27th, 2019 to join her in standing before the audience or sitting on the stage.


Yesterday, representatives from 8 Quarters, including 3 Coordinators, and 3 Quarter Clerks or Assistant Clerks  met with Chris Lucca, Clerk of PYM.  In the past Quarter leadership has met occasionally, either in person or by Zoom to share information with each other and ask for support.  It has been very helpful to know each other and get advice from people we know are already dealing with a particular issue.  There has, however, been change in the people who have taken on the roles of coordination and communication, as well as changes in the people clerking and coordinating, leading to challenges in setting up this meeting.

We shared various needs and ideas for communication to help both our monthly meetings and the Yearly Meeting.  We recognize that the 13 Quarters are diverse in their structures and the way they function.

How can we have the work of the Councils known by Quarter Clerks?  How can the Yearly Meeting support Quarters in the ways they need, thereby strengthening the monthly meetings?  Could more  Quarters do State of the Meeting reports?  Could Quarters do more events together or plan a training together? We noticed there was little reference until now to the Quarters during these proceedings, yet they are important in the life of the Yearly Meeting and could do more with support.

We identified several needs:

  1. We ask for PYM Staff support in maintaining an up to date list of Quarter Clerks and Coordinators on the website and to manage an email list or google group for this group, understanding that it is up to you as meetings and Quarters to pass along the correct information to PYM. We
  2. We need a functional line of communication between the Yearly Meeting and the Quarters, ie someone whose job it is to communicate with the Quarters.
  3. We see value in regular ongoing gatherings, sometimes including PYM staff when we could hear from them on particular programs or where we could use their particular expertise.
  4. We see a need for a once a year meeting with the Clerk of PYM and the General Secretary.

One specific question raised by Linda Lotz, Haddonfield Quarter Coordinator, is “how do we “brand” Quakers, ie for a new South Jersey Quakers website.  If you have experience in this, please let her know at

We do look forward to meeting again and there was energy in the room for new ideas.