Quaker Religious Education Organizations

Quaker Religious Education Collaborative: www.quakers4re.org — QREC is a grassroots network of Friends holding a sense of stewardship for life-long Quaker faith formation through religious education. We include Friends from all branches of our international Quaker family. We welcome all Friends involved in religious education. Join us in forming a community of practice to share resources, skills, gifts, questions and insights, and to support each other in the ministry of Quaker faith formation. The website includes a searchable Resource Library and announcements about upcoming Conversation Circles and other events. 

Faith and Play Stories: www.faithandplaystories.org — Quaker Stories of Faith, Practice, and Witness. Used with the Godly Play® approach, Faith & Play™ stories acknowledge that God is active in children’s lives long before they enter the religious education classroom. Play is children’s practice, hence the name Faith & Play deriving from the title “Faith and Practice.” For teachers trained in the Godly Play method, pairing Godly Play with Faith & Play gives children a basic knowledge of a set of core biblical stories, Quaker faith and practice, and the witness of faithful Friends of the past. The website includes information about the stories and materials, training for adult mentors using Godly Play and Faith & Play, and the community of Friends using these resources. 

Watch a short video about stories in religious education for Friends.

The next “Playing in the Light” training for Friends interested in using Godly Play and Faith & Play is at Pendle Hill Conference Center in Wallingford, PA in Winter 2020. For more information click here.