Refugee Family in Abington Quarter

Peace & Social Concerns

Abington Quarter is supporting a newly-arrived Congolese family.  On August 31st, 11 members of the Tuhenya family came from a Tanzanian refugee camp.  They are living in a former convent house in Wyndmoor Pa.  This initiative began with a leading from a member of Abington MM.  Our Quarter, working with 3 other area churches, pooled grant funding and secured the backing of Bethany Christian Alliance.  Our community donated an over-abundance of food, clothing and toys.  Teams were organized.  Abington is the food team, with several members volunteering to tutor on the education team.  The family now has food stamp privileges and is learning to shop and budget.  Three young children have begun school.  Adult family members will need to find jobs.  Language and employment skill training will begin shortly.  The complexity of this initiative, and the immediacy of its demands, attest to the vision, energy and dedication of our many f/Friends.