Church World Service Ration Challenge

Peace & Social Concerns

Church World Service (CWS) is launching a new Ration Challenge Campaign at

Ration Challenge is a fundraising and awareness building campaign that invites participants to commit to live for one week (the week of World Refugee Day) on the same rations that Syrian refugees receive in a camp in Jordan. Leading up to the challenge, participants ask family, friends and colleagues to sponsor them by donating to their campaign. Participants earn rewards as they raise money to help supplement their rations (fruit, veg, tea, spices etc.). The money raised goes to provide food, medical care, and education to Syrian refugees in Jordan via Act for Peace (30%) and to support CWS programs for refugees and displaced families around the world (70%).

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Share a post about the Ration Challenge on Facebook or Twitter
  • Invite your networks to join/sign up via email
  • Do you know any “influencers?” pro-refugee contacts with more than 20,000 followers on social media—Let us know if you’d be willing to reach out them to get them involved in the challenge. We will help with outreach and follow up.
  • Take a short version of the Challenge (one or two days) and write about your experience
  • Sign up the take the challenge yourself the week of June 16-23
  • Work with CWS to write an opinion piece highlighting the challenges facing refugee families and support for the Ration Challenge

We hope to hear from some of you about getting involved as the Ration Challenge gets underway. Please let us know if you decide to sign up yourself. Thanks for your support!

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is a member of Church World Service, and we occasionally post announcements and invitations from CWS on our website.