Quaker Self Portrait

Even if there were a time when all ~10,000 of us were together we could only see our characteristics that are visible to the eye. Therefore, PYM is asking Meetings and Friends to share information that will help us build a picture of us: our Quaker Self Portrait. Knowing who we are, getting to see our many characteristics and interests, helps us as Quakers to be in relationship and live our faith in community.

The self-portrait will ensure that events, resources, and opportunities for connection are built to serve us well, to welcome new Quakers, and to better reach seekers. It will give us information about who is involved so we can ensure our events, resources and opportunities for connection are built to serve us. It will also help us know who is not involved, so we can make changes to reach out and to be welcoming to seekers who are not represented among us.

Part I: Portraits of Community

Meeting Attendance Census

Each Sunday in November we are asking every meeting to count every adult and child in the meeting and report those totals using our…

Meeting Attendance Form

A Literal Portrait

Show us who you are!  Take a picture or video and it share to social media

Part II: Individual Demographics

Our new database helps us keep track of more details than ever before. To fulfill part of our long range plan and to support the yearly meeting role of connecting Friends and ministries across our four-state, 100+ meeting community, we are asking individuals to tell us more about themselves and their interests – and about what we should ask in the future

Individual Demographics Form

We look forward to working on this project with you and to seeing the results.