Recognizing Professional Callings

On occasion, we receive requests to recognize a calling in an official capacity to external organizations or governments. Usually, in instances such as these, the calling is to become a chaplain, pastoral counselor, CPE supervisor, etc., but the calling can be many other things as well, depending on the needs of the person and the minute their monthly meeting passed in spiritual care and accountability.

If a member of a PYM monthly meeting is under the care of this meeting in pursuit of a professional calling and would like Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to provide documentation of whatever type (within reason) to demonstrate to an external organization or a government of the veracity of this person’s calling to do the professional work, the following process should be followed:

  1. The person must allow for at least 15 business days for PYM staff to gather the appropriate documentation and send it in the required ways. We cannot guarantee meeting the deadline of any request submitted within fewer than 15 business days, and we highly encourage Friends to give as much time as possible. Contact Zachary T. Dutton to initiate the process.
  2. Before the 15-day window begins, the person must be able to show a minute of support, care or endorsement (if applicable) from their monthly meeting, and the clerk of their monthly meeting must communicate via email or phone their assurance that the person remains in good standing with the meeting community.
  3. The person must provide detailed instructions regarding the forms that need to be completed, the supporting material required, and the proper contact information to forward the material.
  4. In rare cases, due to legal, ethical or operational reasons, we will not release documents to external organizations or governments, and we therefore reserve the right to decline any requests.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting does not certify the professional credentials, training, or qualifications for holding any professional position or for participating in any professional field. We are merely responsible for confirming to external organizations and governments that a person is a member of our Faith community in good standing and under the spiritual care and accountability of their monthly meeting in the pursuit of a particular leading, which happens to be professional in nature.