Quaker Life Council Update from 2016 Spring Continuing Sessions

Quaker Life Council

At PYM’s Continuing Sessions in March, the Quaker Life Council proudly announced its approval of the first four collaboratives in PYM’s new working structure. Collaboratives are an opportunity for cross-pollination within the yearly meeting, allowing individual Friends from different meetings to work together pursuing common interests or addressing common concerns. Find out more about starting a collaborative.

The Eco-Justice Collaborative addresses spiritual and social aspects of climate disruption. It will bring discussions to monthly and quarterly meetings about how racial and social injustice relate to the impact of climate change.

The Legislative Policy Collaborative supports meeting participation in promoting the national policy goals identified by Friends nationwide and coordinated by Friends Committee on National Legislation.

The Middle East Collaborative, which mobilizes Friends across the yearly meeting and collaborates with other faith communities, will carry forward the concerns of Friends with respect to issues in the Middle East region.

The India Friends Collaborative partners with Ghandian Quakers in India to support landless and tribal peoples in great need.  It is helping to preserve the historic Rasulia Friends Center.

In addition to providing support and resources to these collaboratives, the QLC has authorized funding for a Retreat for Friends of Color, provided scholarship support for five young adult Friends to attend FCNL’s Spring Lobby Weekend, and helped finance PYM Quaker participation (through both host team support and scholarship funding for PYM Friends and attenders) at the White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia.