Participate in the Quaker Action Training!

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Become a Social Justice Resource Friend!

In November of 2016, the PYM staff Community Engagement Team began a process of discernment with Quakers, organizers, trainers, and social justice activists.These elders provided guidance and expertise on how PYM Friends could most effectively move into social action, grounded in our powerful spiritual tradition and in our core commitment to honor that of God in everyone. A vision emerged from the consultations to create an intensive spiritual organizing program that will bring together 10-15 Friends from across our yearly meeting to hone spiritual organizing skills and strategies for supporting local Quaker communities in taking bold and creative action for social change.

We are calling this program the Quaker Action Training (QAT). It is free to participate. The program was developed in partnership and will be facilitated by Training for Change. The QAT is built around 3, three day intensives as well as self-organized meetups and coaching sessions. Participants will deepen their ability to organize Friends from a spiritual center. The training is designed to support participants in developing skills (and mutual accountability) around their organizing needs as they emerge.

Participants who complete the QAT (it will end in early 2018) will become part of the founding cohort of Social Justice Resource Friends. By the spring of 2018, the founding cohort will begin making themselves available to monthly meetings, quarterly meetings, worship groups, youth programs, young adult Friends, and all other sub-communities that make up our yearly meeting! In exchange for modest honoraria, Social Justice Resource Friends will help local Quaker community discern how to engage effectively in social action.

The application and a more comprehensive program description can be found online here.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about the program, or if you or someone you know might be interested in applying and need more information. We can be reached at or 215-241-7029. Thank you!