PYM Indian Committee Minute Supporting Standing Rock Sioux


On September 17, 2016, PYM’s Indian Committee has approved a minute of support of the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. We will send this minute to the governor of North Dakota, elected officials in congress, the White House and also the Army Corps of Engineers. Co-clerk Patricia Shore, will be traveling to the Standing Rock Camp, along with a member of the Eco Justice Collaborative, to deliver the minute of support personally to Chairman Archambault.

September; 2016

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee

We are writing in support of the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. We are people of faith; members of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Indian Committee. We strive to support native peoples throughout the Americas. We recognize the unique position of Philadelphia as origin of Friend and Indigenous relationship. We desire to continue the legacy of William Penn as a supporter of Indigenous People, and to work to improve recognition of Indigenous Peoples and their right

For the Standing Rock Sioux those rights include not only the rights held by all US Citizens, but also those acquired by them as original peoples of these lands. In this case they include historic treaty rights granted by the US government in the mid-1800’s. In addition, the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples ensures the Standing Rock Sioux rights to legal recognition and protection of their homelands; fair process related to their lands; conservation and protection of their lands’ environment; and free, prior, and informed consent related to hazardous materials on their homelands. We support the Standing Rock Sioux in their demands for all of these rights to be recognized and implemented here.

We hereby minute our support for the Standing Rock Sioux in their current struggle to assert their sovereign rights and protect their land and sacred sites related to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Affirming our peace testimony, we support the Standing Sioux in their peaceful presence deterring the construction of the pipeline. Affirming our equality testimony, we support their demands to be treated justly in a fair, open and thorough project review process. Affirming our sacred commitment to caring for the environment, we support the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts to protect their precious waters and sacred sites.

In peace and equality,

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee

Kate DeRiel; Haverford MM. Melissa Elliot; Germantown MM. Marie Haaf; Woodstown MM. Amanda Ivory; Phila. MM. Lois Kuter; Plymouth Meeting MM. Louis LeFevre; Trenton MM. Nan Morrissey; Reading MM. Jim Murphy; Woodbury MM.
Sandra Boone Murphy; Mickleton MM. Ed Nakawatase; Germantown MM. Paul Ricker; Central Phila. MM. Patricia Shore; Phila. MM Nancy Webster; Swarthmore MM.