PYM gets grant for Spirituality and Aging Project

Aging Services

This project will be an expansion of the work of the PYM Quaker Aging Resources project and provide direct and web-based seminars designed to uphold a culture of holistic care for the body, mind and spirit of persons and communities.

The Spirituality and Aging project funded by Friends Foundation for the Aging will be implemented by PYM Care & Aging program services staff. The project will also seek to identify and train volunteers who can support the work in communities where they live.

Christie Duncan Tessmer, PYM Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life, who will oversee the work of the project, expressed her excitement at the news. “This is a wonderful opportunity to support Friends and their families who want to feel more connected spiritually as they cope with the challenges of aging or caring for aging parents or friends,” she said.

Live workshops and webinars will address the following areas: Quaker spirituality and aging; emotional and behavioral health care; meaningful retirement and purpose in the final third of life; approaching death and preparing for dying; coping with physical health challenges, disability and care.

An important aspect of the project is to reach out to and support Friends and others growing older in continuing care retirement communities or aging in place at home or in naturally occurring retirement communities.

Helping people in the communities where they live to access pastoral care and spiritual supports; helping them to understanding and address financial issues and to express “last things” and final gifts to families and friends will be also be a central focus of the work.

Jane Mack, the Executive Director of Friends Services for the Aging, an association of Quaker providers of services to the aging said, “I am so delighted to hear this good news. Helping Friends communities to maintain their Quaker identity is an essential part of our mission,” she said. “And, I am glad that PYM will be joining us in this work through its Spirituality and Aging project and that Friends Foundation for the Aging is supporting this good work!” she concluded.

For more information about the PYM Spirituality & Aging project contact George Schaefer, PYM Care & Aging Coordinator at 215-241-7068 or