PYM Brown-Bag Lunch Time Webinar: Caring for Persons with Memory Loss

Pastoral Care Support

On Thursday, June 13, 12:15 to 1:00 PYM will conduct an online webinar on the subject: Caring for Persons with Memory Loss.

Are you caring for a person who suffers from a disorder that leaves her or him with memory loss and confusion? If you are, you should considering joining us online during your lunch hour from the ease of your computer (and the comfort of your office or home) for this learning event.

Caring for a person with memory loss can be overwhelming. Learn how to find solutions to daily tasks and useful simple tips on how to meet the ongoing challenges of caring for a loved one with an impaired memory. As importantly, learn how to support family, friends and members of your Friends meeting caring for persons with memory loss or experiencing mild cognitive impairment.

For information about this webinar or for more information, contact George Schaefer, PYM Care & Aging Coordinator at

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