PYM Pamphlets

PYM Pamphlets are published to help individuals on their spiritual journeys to become familiar with Quaker spirituality and practice.

You may print the text of each PYM Pamphlet free of charge.  See the individual pamphlet pages on this website for the text to print.  At this time, we do not have PDF versions of the pamphlets.

Printed copies of the pamphlets may be purchased from

Becoming a Member, by Jenifer Goetz. Whether you join us or journey with us, we welcome you to our meetings and encourage you to hear and respond to the loving word of the Spirit within your heart.

Effective Prayer, by Agnes L. Tierney. There are several ways of regarding prayer which do not interfere with belief in the immutable laws which seem to rule in the world of matter.

Friends Memorial Meeting. A memorial meeting is similar in many ways to a meeting for worship.

Friends Spiritual Message, by Howard H. Brinton. In Quaker writings the phrase “joined to the Lord” seldom appears without the corresponding phrase “and to one another.”

An Interpretation of Quakerism, by Rufus Jones. The Light Within … is no abstract phrase; it is an experience.

Quaker Ideals. Quakers prefer to set down our religious experience in the form of testimonies: general statements about practices and beliefs.

Quaker Manual of Style and Glossary. This brief primer is written to help clarify the peculiarities of Quaker jargon, style, and capitalization.

A Quaker Marriage. No third person pronounces them man and wife because Friends believe that God alone can create such a union and give it significance.

Quaker Meeting for Worship, by Douglas Steere. It is so much more important that we be prayed than that we pray.

Quaker Peace Testimony, by Mary Lou Leavitt. The peace testimony is not a creed, nor is it a code of behavior.

Ways of Worship, by Tayeko Yamanouchi. I have nothing to give but my own being, and I offer my thoughts, words and actions of each day and whisper, “please take me as I am”.

When Friends Attend to Business, by Thomas S. Brown. We are called to love those present enough to listen to what they have to say and to speak what is worth their hearing…