William Penn: The Sword and the Feather

William Penn: The Sword and the Feather

Curriculum Subcommittee, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Religious Education Committee, 1993, 89 pp.


Content: This packet covers the life of William Penn, from childhood through the founding of Pennsylvania, with emphasis on his Quaker testimonies in England and the New World.

Age Range: 4th – 8th grade, in small groups.

Preparation Time: Time to collect craft supplies, and library time to research teaching materials (this can be done all at one time in advance of starting the curriculum).

Number of Lessons: There are 12 weekly lessons, each centered around a specific story.

Activities: These include discussion questions, stories, crafts, cooking, puzzles, field trips, guest speakers, singing, and dramatization.

Supplies/Equipment: Transportation for field trips, kitchen facilities, and audio-visual aids of England and Pennsylvania in the 1600’s (available from PYM library).