Wild Things: A Recipe for Running a Middle School Gathering

Wild Things

A Recipe For Running A Middle School Friends Overnight For Your Meeting Or Quarter


Brief Description:

Brief, simple, practical, leader-tested ideas for organizing an overnight Quaker youth gathering in your meeting house.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1996 10 PP. Looseleaf


Content: This is a guide for organizing successful small Middle School overnight gatherings. Offers ideas for program content as well as complete a complete recipe for a gathering from the pre-planning to the post cleanup stages.

Age Range: For adults who work with youth 10-13 years old.

Preparation Time: Requires extensive preparation.

Activities: Ideas for discussions, games, crafts, singing, and cooking, worship-sharing.

Supplies/Equipment: A large room for activities and overnight sleeping is required as well and kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Additional resources: Working with Middle Schoolers, and Just Do It!, available from the FGC Bookstore, and New England Yearly Meeting’s Guide to Planning a Youth Gathering, available from the Christian Education Committee of New England Yearly Meeting.