Teaching the Queries to Quaker Children

Teaching the Queries to Quaker Children


Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Religious Education Committee, 1995, 16 pp. Revised, 2001


Content: There is one lesson for each of the queries found in the 1972 Faith and Practice of PYM. Themes of lessons are: worship, ministry, care, education, outreach, social order, race relations, equality, environment, peace, non-violence, home simplicity, and self discipline.

Age Range: 10 – 14 years, small groups are best for discussions.

Preparation Time: One half to one hourly weekly. Lessons are outlines only, without details and activities.

Number of Lessons: There are 12 lessons, one on each of the queries.

Activities: These include discussion questions, art, journaling, writing, and play acting.

Supplies/Equipment: PYM Faith and Practice 1972, pencils and paper, art supplies, magazines, and newspapers.

Additional books:

Candles in the Dark
Lighting Candles in the Dark
Grandpa Tell Us a Story
Friendly Story Caravan

Note: These books are available from the PYM library.

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