Teaching the Old Testament to Quaker Children

Teaching The Old Testament To Quaker Children


Brief Description:

Eleven lessons on women and men from the Old Testament. Each lesson has introductory material, questions and activities. Ages 5-10.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1995 90 PP. Looseleaf


Content: This packet includes lessons on Old Testament men and women, including Jacob, Joseph and his brothers, Moses, Joshua, Ruth, David and Goliath, Amos, and Jonah. The introduction includes a general approach to teaching the Old Testament stories. Designed for unprogramed Friends. Common themes: communication with God, non-violence and sibling relationships.

Age Range: Kg.-8th grade. Some of the discussion questions and activities are recommended for particular ages.

Preparation Time: One-half to one hour weekly.

Number of Lessons: There are 11 lessons which could take 11 or more weeks to complete if the whole curriculum is used. However, each chapter is written so it can be presented by itself.

Activities: These include songs, cooking, word searches, role playing, stick puppets, and other crafts. Discussion questions bring relevance to the Bible stories and to Quakerism.

Supplies/Equipment: A Bible to read or tell a story from and a Bible atlas, if possible. Ideally each child in the class should have access to their own Bible or use one belonging to the meeting.

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