Teaching Quaker Faith and Practice to Children

Teaching Quaker Faith And Practice To Children


Brief Description:

Ideas and activities focusing on “what is a Quaker?” Compact unit for pre-school through high school.

PYM Archive 1997 39 PP. E Book


Content: This packet is based on successful First-day school lessons to help children understand our faith and beliefs. Topics include: being a Quaker in Meeting and at home, membership in Meeting, personal devotion, ministry and witnessing, two testimonies, anger and sexual abuse, and aging, death and dying. Good ideas about children in meeting for worship.

Age Range: 6 – 13 years. Suggestions are given to adjust a lesson for lower or higher grades.

Preparation Time: Requires extensive preparation ahead of time; books and craft supplies will have to be collected.

Number of Lessons: There are 17 units, with enough ideas and activities to fill a year.

Activities: These include discussion questions, craft activities, games, and skits.

Supplies/Equipment: It is recommended that Growing in the Light packet, Faith and Practice, and Songs of the Spirit be used in conjunction with this curriculum.

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