Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

The Life And Accomplishment Of Paul Robeson (1898-1976), For Kindergarten Through 8th Grade


Brief Description:

Written by First-day teachers in Princeton Monthly Meeting (PYM), 1999. Although it states it is for kindergarten through 8th grade, most meetings have found this excellent curriculum more appropriate for older children. Three lessons on the life and accomplishment of Paul Robeson, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of his birth. Contains ideas for how to recognize and use our talents and how to gather the courage to stand up for what we, as Quakers, believe. K-8th grade.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1999 30 PP. Looseleaf


Content: Originally prepared to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Paul Robeson’s birth and early life in Princeton, NJ, and because his mother’s family were Quakers.

Age Range: Kg. – 8th grade; good for intergenerational activities.

Preparation Time: 45 minutes, each lesson with time to preview video in Chapter 1.

Number of Lessons: Three chapters: 1) Recognizing one’s talents and using them to confront and stop racism; 2) Standing for equal rights and speaking against slavery; 3) Standing up for what you believe, in the face of opposition.

Activities: Listening to the music of Paul Robeson, singing, discussions, coloring pictures, watching videos, bread baking.

Supplies/Equipment: Kitchen facilities, tape recorder or CD player, VCR, shelf paper, markers, oak tag, “Rise Up Singing” songbook, guitar or piano.

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