Shaking Out the Truth

Shaking Out The Truth


Brief Description:

Three lessons highlight how Quakers make decisions.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1998 14 PP. Paper


Content: This packet focuses on making decisions using the Quaker processes of threshing sessions, clearness committees, and Meetings for Business. The ultimate goal of the lessons is to prepare children and youth to run their own meetings. Contents includes:

Chapter 1 How to hold a threshing session
Chapter 2 How to hold a Meeting for Business
Chapter 3 How to hold a clearness committee

Age Range: Ages 5 – 18 years and adults.

Preparation Time: Some time required in advance to become familiar with the process, get materials for the crafts, and to collect reading resources.

Number of Lessons: There are three lessons. The entire curriculum can be completed in 3 to 6 weeks.

Activities: Include games, crafts, winnowing wheat, drawing, puzzles, settling jars.

Supplies/Equipment: Wheat, wheat germ and craft supplies.

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