Quakers Answer The Call

Quakers Answer The Call


Brief Description:

Lessons drawn from six Quaker lives and biblical calls. Mixed ages.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1999 LOOSLEAF Paper


Content: Stories of how Moses, Lucretia Mott, Margaret Fell, John Woolman, Thomas Lurting, Levi Coffin, Harriet Tubman, and Elizabeth Fry responded to leadings from God. Includes a short synopsis of each person’s life at the beginning of each chapter.

Age Range: 5 – 18 years.

Preparation Time: Time for library research, collection of craft supplies, and phone calls to arrange field trips.

Number of Lessons: Seven lessons each taking from one to two weeks to complete.

Age Range: Intergenerational.

Activities: Stories, discussions, drama, community service projects, field trips, and guest speakers.

Supplies/Equipment: Craft supplies, transportation for field trips.

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