Quaker Kidz Bring the Peace

Quaker Kidz Bring the Peace

Published by Children’s Religious Education, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, May 2007

Content: A handbook for Friends Meetings to follow the leadings of the children of Philly Yearly Meeting in inspiring people to find the peace within. Each peace activity is set up as a short term committee that children and adults can participate in equally. The content of this curriculm is based entirely on the discernment of the children of PYM (ages 4-12) when they held the question: What are we called to do for Peace?

Age Range: All

Preparation Time: Varies, but many require very little.

Number of Lessons: There are 10 committees that can be one-time events or on-going.

Activities: Each activity is a step toward peace with wide variation between them. Samples include the Images of Peace committee, the Be Nice Committee and the Trash Collectors Committee

Supplies/Equipment: Varies by committee, but most require few materials and all are easy to find.

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