Four Lessons For First Day School


Brief Description:

Activities and lessons for young children based on Brinton Turkle’s Obadiah stories that focus on Quaker history and testimonies.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1996 24 PP. Paper


Content: Topics include: being a friend to people and animals, truthfulness, bravery, and asking for help. The concepts of sibling relationships and sexist roles are included. Lessons are developed for each of the Brinton Turkle books about a little Quaker boy, Obadiah.

Age Range: Intergenerational.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes weekly, plus time to collect supplies and preview the Brinton Turkle books around which the lessons are built.

Number of Lessons: There are four lessons, or more if using three additional picture books.

Age Range: 4 – 10 years.

Activities: These include discussion questions, games, art, sewing, and cooking.

Supplies/Equipment: Sewing equipment, cooking facilities, standard art supplies, and the four picture books. Optional: globes, maps, and other resource books. The four Brinton Turkle books: Thy Friend, Obadiah, The Adventures of Obadiah, Obadiah the Bold, and Rachel and Obadiah; available in many meetings, through the FGC bookstore and the PYM library.