Lucretia Mott: Each Little Act of Kindness

Lucretia Mott: Each Little Act of Kindness

Children and Youth at Yearly Meeting Committee, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Religious Education Committee, 1993, revised 1997, 52 pp.


Content: Addresses the issues of compassion, courage, sexual equality, racial equality, and tolerance illustrated by vignettes from the life of Lucretia Mott.

Age Range: 4 – 18 years; activities are grouped in broad age ranges, i.e. nursery, elementary, etc.

Preparation Time: Time to collect supplies and arrange for field trips.

Number of Lessons: There are five lessons which could take one or two weeks each.

Activities: These include discussion questions, field trips, drama, cooking, crafts, songs, stories, films, and woodworking.

Supplies/Equipment: Musical instruments, kitchen facilities, woodworking tools, a VCR, and more than one teacher per group for some lessons.

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