John Woolman Curriculum

John Woolman Curriculum


Brief Description:

Five lessons on Woolman’s early life and transformation, work against slavery, work with the Native Americans and reverence for God’s creation. Original activities and songs. K-8th grade.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 2000 71 PP. Looseleaf


Content: This covers the life of John Woolman from his early days to his work against slavery and with Native Americans, and his relationship with the natural world.

Age Range: Kg. – 8th grade

Preparation Time: Time to collect materials for craft projects and plan the field trip.

Number of Lessons: There are five lessons, one or two weeks per lesson.

Activities: These include discussion questions, coloring pages, journaling, original songs, puzzles, dramatization, environmental preservation projects, and a field trip to the Woolman House in Mt. Holly, New Jersey.

Supplies/Equipment: Transportation for the field trip, craft supplies, and access to a photocopier.

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