Growing In The Light – Grades 2-5

Growing In The Light – Grades 2-5


PYM Archive 1984 E Book


Content: Topics include Meeting for Worship, Meeting for Business, Membership, and Meeting Structure. Also Friends’ testimonies: community, equality, harmony, and simplicity. Content includes:

Chapter 1 Enter in the Meetinghouse – Meeting for Worship, Part I
Chapter 2 Special Silence – Meeting for Worship, Part II
Chapter 3 When Two or Three Are Gathered Together – Meeting for Business
Chapter 4 The Seekers of the Light Are One – Membership
Chapter 5 Do Unto Others – The Testimony of Community
Chapter 6 In His Image – The Testimony of Equality
Chapter 7 The World in Tune – The Testimony of Harmony
Chapter 8 ‘Tis the Gift to Be Simple – The Testimony of Simplicity
Chapter 9 A Quaker Is… – Closing Celebration

Age Range: 7 – 11 years.

Preparation Time: A minimum of 20 minutes a week plus time to collect the needed supplies.

Number of Lessons: There are nine lessons which could take nine or more weeks.

Activities: These include discussion questions, games, role playing, cooking, collages, other crafts.

Supplies/Equipment: Kitchen facilities and tables for art projects and supplies.

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