George Fox: Four Lessons

George Fox

Four Lessons


Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Religious Education Committee, 1989, reprinted 1991, 1995, 25 pp.


Content: This packet is designed to be a teachers resource for the book “George Fox: The Man Who Wouldn’t” by Sophia Fahs.

Age Range: 4th-7th grade.

Preparation Time: Minimal, can be done just before class if you have the text: George Fox: The Man Who Wouldn’t, 1994 edition, available from FGC Bookstore.

Number of Lessons: There are four lessons which will take one to three weeks each depending on the activities chosen.

Activities: These include listening to the story, singing, art activities, coloring, cooperative games, prayers, letter writing, and puzzles and word scrambles.

Supplies/Equipment: Copies of Sophia Fahs’ book George Fox the Man Who Wouldn’t, Songs of the Spirit or A Friends Hymnal (optional), all available from FGC. Photo copies of activity pages and standard art supplies.

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