From the Center Out

From The Center Out

A Curriculum On: Centering & Listening For The Call; Hearing The Call & Deciding What To Do; Responding To The Call & Leading: K – 8th Grade


Brief Description:

This curriculum contains three lessons: 1) How to center and listen for the call, 2) Hearing the call and deciding what to do, and 3) Responding to the call and leading. Created by the Children and Youth at Sessions Group for yearly meeting, 1999 it includes many hands-on crafts, games and activities. K-8th grade.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1999 17 PP. Looseleaf


Content: Explains how to center and listen for the call; ways to hear the call and reaching out to others in leadership. Filled with many hands-on activities to bridge the theoretical and concrete. Content includes:

Chapter 1 Centering and Listening
Chapter 2 Discernment – Hearing and Answering the Call
Chapter 3 Leadership and Ministry

Age Range: Kg. – 8th grade, with activities designated for each age group.

Number of Lessons: Three lessons, with two parts of Lesson 2. Could take five or six weeks to cover material.

Activities: Making a “Book of Revelation,” centering exercises; making “God’s Eyes,” sunprints, spirals, play dough, walkie talkies, masks; and playing games.

Supplies/Equipment: Bible, craft supplies, kitchen facilities, FGC book, “Lighting Candles in the Dark.”

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